Split off-topic post & Rules reminder

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Split off-topic post & Rules reminder

Post by josephrot » Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:18 am

I think we can be sure these items will be corrected, but I also want to point out a pattern, one that I suggest is "common" in more ways than one:

On most all installations of Avant Browser 11 Build 46:

- Settings are mostly NOT saved right or at all.

- Avant has a predilection to forgetting that Flash is installed, websites one visits tend to realize that. When you delete temporary files, the Flash OCX, likely being IN the wrong directory, gets deleted too.

- Avant has a predilection to forgetting that MP3 and .WAV and other Association files CAN be played, and should be already properly associated in the operating system. Thankfully, this problem in much less seen.

- Bookmarks need or must have Page Up / Page Down keys enabled so as to jump quickly to sections of long lists in Bookmarks and Groups lists.

- The leap to IE7 and even to Vista is causing programmers and users manifold hardships, most of which is not really Avant or Anderson's "fault."

There may be more things not included above, but the point of this is to note that it is likely ALL the above are concerned with something not being saved right, or some areas not be saved right or at all when Avant is closed off.

In other words, there's many common things happening right or wrong in Avant, and that appears to mean common areas are being totally overlooked or a "simple fix" may be all that's needed.

This suggests that a great many of the small or not small bugs seen in Avant should be catch-able and fixable in due time.

For what it's worth, I also get the impression that between Avant 10 and Avant 11, the programming language / tool used, the underlying code paradigm, and the underlying code memory and resources management, were changed, in a hope for the better...but that hope has either not occurred, or Avant 11 is still a major change work still in progress.

[ Admin, this reply really needs to be here and also in a Message Topic all its own so people / users see and know about it, easily ]

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Re: Split off-topic post

Post by hornakapopolis » Sun Mar 18, 2007 12:37 pm

This was split from this thread and, no, it didn't need to be there.

Many of our members have been getting a little used to our laid-back moderating here on the forum.

The purpose of these posts is, yes, to be seen, but to also be organized and capable of being found.

As a reminder... we all need to stay on topic.

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