Which bugs will be fixed, and which ones will be ignored?

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Which bugs will be fixed, and which ones will be ignored?

Post by mbrazil » Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:38 am

From what I've been reading here on the forums, Anderson has no intention of fixing many of the bugs that have been recorded for Avant 2013 (not to mention all the unfixed bugs that Avant 2013 inherited from Avant 2012).  :wtf:   :thumbdown:

I hid the Bug Tracker, because it was not being used, and it seemed ridiculous to show it when it's worthless unless it's updated frequently and meticulously . However, with all the ridiculous things that have been done to Avant and the apparent total lack of prioritization regarding bug fixing, there has to be an accounting of which bugs are going to be fixed and which ones are going to be ignored, so we can all decide whether to wait for future releases or just start looking for a replacement for Avant.

Therefore, I demand to see a complete list of every unfixed bug that's been reported against Avant 2013 and every unfixed bug that carried over from Avant 2012 and still exists in Avant 2013. This list must show the status of each bug, when it was recorded, whether Anderson has any intention of trying to fix it, and what level of priority is assigned to fixing it. All the things that have been reported and discussed on the forums regarding things that were taken out of Avant in the 2013 versions must also be considered bugs, or a separate list of discontinued UI components, features, and functions must be compiled showing the same types of information as in the bug list.

The same holds true for feature requests. We must see a list of all feature requests that have not been implemented, showing when the request was first recorded, whether it will be implemented, and what level of priority is assigned to it.

I'm going to coin a term to describe the situation Anderson has created by doing all the weird and crazy things he's done to Avant since Avant 2012: software development malpractice. That's what's happened here. The developer we trusted and depended on for our ability to safely and efficiently browse the web has, for whatever reasons, committed software development malpractice in ruining what was, at one time, the best browser in existence. Since we, as loyal, long-time users, came to depend on Avant's feature set, its high level of configurability, and Anderson's previous willingness to modify and add features on request, we have been harmed by his actions and his almost total lack of communication since he began developing Avant 2013. Class-action lawsuit anyone?

Ok, Ok, I'm kidding about the lawsuit (probably), but that's the point things have come to. At first it was just all the important things that were (and most of them still are) missing from Avant in the 2013 version, but then, little by little, we found out that many of those missing features, buttons, etc. would not be brought back. Ever. On top of that, we were told that many other changes, like moving the Sidebar back to the left side where it belongs, would also not be considered. Now, we're starting to hear that there will be no attempt to fix some of the bugs, and we can easily see that no priority is being assigned to individual bugs, since mostly the minor bugs are getting fixed first, and the major ones are being ignored. This sucks, and though I never thought I'd say this, with the release of the 2013 versions, Avant sucks!

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Re: Which bugs will be fixed, and which ones will be ignored

Post by Tinman57 » Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:08 pm

Yes, Avant does suck now, I totally agree. Now I wish I hadn't of made the donation for Avant, if I knew then what I know now.... Something about hindsight.....
Seeing how I mostly use IE, I think I'll go back to Maxthon. I'll figure that out after I take a look at the other front-ends offered for IE. Now that I have Firefox installed, I can always fire it up if IE don't play well on a website....
(Duck! It's another MicroSoft Patch!)

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Re: Which bugs will be fixed, and which ones will be ignored

Post by notestracker » Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:31 am

Mike, I'm STILL using Ultimate 2012 build 197 (after trying Avant 2013 early bui;ds and not at all liking them). In your opinion, should I keep on using build 197?

What's your feeling about where Avant 2013 is at, and when it might become the one to use?

I do a lot of browsing with Firefox -- but still find the Avant interface (up to the 2012 build 197, at least -- to be quite productive in everyday use for some types of work. Two good browsers for different mixes of activities. (I also have Opera, Safari and other browsers installed, don't use them a lot but they have some nice features too.)
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