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Prompt to Save Passwords & Firefox Options

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:56 pm
by drame
Hey there,

first, sorry if my english is bad but i'm from austria speaking german most of the time so i'm not trained in speaking and writing english but i'll do my best.

Ok my Problem is:
I used Avant since a long time now and if i log in on any Page the IE function prompts me if i want to save Password (yes/no/never). If i use Firefox it also Prompts me in an other way, with the bar at the top of the window. so if i want to log in in avant i just have to enter a letter and then choose the right login name and it fills the password field automatically. so the normal login progress is enter letter, press tab, press enter.

Now i've Installed Orca and it never ever asks to store the Password. Only the Autofill Remeber Dialog appears from Orca it self. But i don't want to use that because even if i let him rember and i fill in my login name and press tab the password field remains empty.
I know that i can go to autofill and choose the site and it will open the site, fill out the fields and log in but as said bevore thats not the way i want it to be.
So is there any way to enable the firefox password prompt so i just have to log in the way i used to do it or not?
i also tried something with about:config and rembersignons but it had no effect.

And the other Question is: is there any possibility to enter the firefox Settings in orca like to enter the IE settings in Avant?



Re: Prompt to Save Passwords & Firefox Options

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:27 am
by Jasmine
Hi,no way for now but according to your request we'll add this feature into a future version.