Getting rid of IE (Gecko Thread #1)

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Post by sirin » Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:10 am

robc wrote:I suppose all the sites I normally browse don't make that much use of PNGs, sorry.
Your avatar is a PNG. :wink:

Here comes the warzone again... :(

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Post by robc » Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:26 am

I know my avatar is a PNG, but it has NO alpha channel :wink: :D moreover, I've seen completely transparent PNGs to work: what exactly is NOT working? 0<transparency<100%?
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Post by sirin » Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:41 am

robc wrote:I've seen completely transparent PNGs to work

You're contradicting yourself.
PNGs are not completely supported by IE, I believe PNGs with an alpha channel are a few ppm (parts-per-million) of all the images on the net...
All transparent PNG images have Alpha Channels. Trident lets in only a little bit of the Alpha PNG population, but definetly not the latest 32-Bit Alpha PNG technology. :roll:

Trident is way out-dated and obsolete. Go ahead, show me something that IE can display correctly that Firefox can't. :wink:

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Post by TomServo » Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:56 am

sirin wrote:
Sara wrote:"At this time" Avant is an IE shell
Funny, has it ever been anything else? "At this time", eh? Image


From an anti-IE website (not having anything to do with me):
Is Avant Browser a better browser that IE?
Ever wondered why you need to download Internet Explorer (50+ Mb)?

Avant is not a browser. There is no such thing as Avant "Browser".
Avant "Plugin" would be more appropriate. Avant is just a plugin to Internet Explorer, nothing else. Avant has all of the features of Internet Explorer, because you ARE running Internet Explorer.

When you are running Avant, open the windows task manager, go under processes, and look for "avant.exe". That's Avant. Look around, and you'll also notice that "iexplore.exe" is running. What is this? 3 words: MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER.
If you run Internet Explorer and not Avant, you'll notice that all of these features that came only with Avant are gone. This is because all of these features can only be accessed using The Avant Plugin.

Anderson Che, the only guy on the Avant team tried to get credit he didn't deserve by naming it Avant "Browser". I know these things because I used to be an Avant Fanboy, wubbing every little bit of it. I sent them a suggestion concerning open source, but they refused to do this because they were SCARED of "Source Code Thievery, Alteration, and Distribution." Actually, Mr. Andy was scared to release the source code because users would then find out it was just a plugin, which would cause an outbreak against him and his so-called "browser". I found this out when I was running the Task Manager to kill some useless ram-hog apps that I wasn't using, I was also running Avant. Then guess what I found while I was looking: The Notorious "iexplore.exe".

Before I found this out, I thought it was a browser based on IE, but when I saw "iexplore.exe", I had found out it WAS Internet Explorer itself! Avant is not a browser. It's a PLUGIN. I wasted time defending a waste of space on my hard disk with a 10-Page site for nothing (took it down). I'm a Firefox dude now.

Now please, topic, people. :)
This warzone stuff's getting kinda boring. Image
Funny... The author of that site must be a complete idiot then to miss the "IE Shell" references that are mentioned about eveywhere in reference to Avant. I don't recall anyone once saying Avant was a standalone browser. So, the author of that stupid, lame, BORING message was just talking out of his ****.

And you, sirin, have bored and irritaed ME.. that isn't a good thing to do. :evil:

So, I am LOCKING this post, and any other related posts that start up for a while. Feel free to be constructive elsewhere in the forums. But any mention of rendering engines and lack of support and that post will get the boot.

Personally, I use both IE/Avant and FF. And it is NOT that hard to get a web page looking good in both. Only cry babies complaign about 3 extra lines of css. As for PNG's on web pages not looking right, blame the site web developer for that, there is a 10 line javascript and 4 line PHP code out there that will fix that issue.

This matter is CLOSED.
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