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Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:38 am
by MysteryFCM
To better enable us help you resolve your issue, please make sure you have already checked the following places for the answer you are looking for.

Help Files

Troubleshooting Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Forum Search

This is possibly the best way to find the answer you are looking for (and the most overlooked) as there is a chance it has already been asked, answered and resolved. Please please, make sure you have searched the forum prior to posting as it saves us all alot of time

You can additionally add this search as a "Quick Search" in Avant Browser itself by adding the following to your Quick Search list:
Then in your address bar, you simply type;

abfs iexplore

Where iexplore is the problem you are looking to resolve (e.g. abfs iexplore caused an invalid page fault)

For more information on adding items to your quick search list, please see;

or ... Search.htm

If your question pertains to enabling the XP SP2 security features, please see DrDrrae's tip; ... 2257#62257

Alternatively, download a pre-written .reg (registry) file that will enable this for you, or create a custom one using DrDrrae's online registry file creation engine;

Add SP2 Features To Avant (Release)

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS make sure you backup your registry prior to editing it!

If you are reporting a bug, please do so in a manner that will allow us to help you. For tips on how to write an effective bug report, please review;