Avant Browser - pending issues (from long time)

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Avant Browser - pending issues (from long time)

Post by bovirus » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:31 am


There are some simple issues that are pending from a long time.
I didn't understand because you don't implement it.
It require very short time.

- GUI - Some strings untranslated

The language is not updated and AB contains some strings untranslated from a long time.
I sent you to translation team but I didn't receive any answer and I didn't see the new strings in new version.
Please check GUI and enable all strings as option to translate.

- Multi-language installer.

IF AB is multi-language, why did you continue to release any new version with mono language (English) installer?
NSIS can implement multi-language installer and the language is already available.
Please switch to multi-language installer.

- Google search engine not available by default.

By default Google is not available as pre-defined search Engine.
Please add one time for all Google Engine as pre-defined search engine.


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