Squish - Avant Ram Optimizer Plugin (1.00)-[19/10/09]

Finished Scripts and Buttons ready for download can be found here.

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Squish - Avant Ram Optimizer Plugin (1.00)-[19/10/09]

Post by sulpherdragon » Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:31 am

I wanted to embed a command line optimizer into Avant ever since its been plauged with terrible memory leaks.
This plugin runs a little application called RamRush when clicked. It significantly reduces the size of Avant. To test its worth, open 30 pages of google.com and then close them all. Youll notice that theres still loads of ram being ate (at least I do). RamRush does a good job releasing this.

Because there is an actual program involved, your required to install it to your pc. Ive created a handy installer to put it in C:\Squish. If you need to change this directory, you will need to change the path inside the Avant plugin too.

Once clicked, the plugin calls the program with an autoOptimize parameter. If RamRush is open, another click on the button will close it.
When RamRush is optimizing, it will notify you in the system tray.

DONT FORGET: Install the binaries in the installer AND install the Squish plugin into Avant (Both are attached)

[url=aba://forum.avantbrowser.com/download/file.php?id=1990]Squish 1.00 Avant Plugin Auto Install[/url]
Squish 1.00 Binaries Installer (RamRush+Pmon)

RamRush is software developed by http://www.fcleaner.com
Pmon is software developed by microsoft and available in Server 2003 SDK
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(304.64 KiB) Downloaded 3749 times

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