Incognitab (1.00)-[19/10/09]

Finished Scripts and Buttons ready for download can be found here.

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Incognitab (1.00)-[19/10/09]

Post by sulpherdragon » Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:46 am

This simple plugin removes the title of a webpage. As a result its tab is blank.
If you edit the plugin you can change its modes (By default its mode 2)

Mode 1 = Replace title with first letter of title (Google becomes G)
Mode 2 = Completely blank the title
Mode 3 = Replace all titles with Incognitab (Google becomes Incognitab)

Other modes that I intend adding relate to modifying the favicon. Removing it, replacing it etc.
But I'll do that when I get time.

[url=aba://]Auto Install Incognitab V1.00 (Auto-Exec)[/url]
[url=aba://]Auto Install Incognitab V1.00 (Button)[/url]
Blanked Tabs
Incognitab (Button).aba
Version 1.00
(630 Bytes) Downloaded 505 times
Incognitab (Auto-Exec).aba
Version 1.00
(630 Bytes) Downloaded 537 times

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