Roboform: Firefox addin & OS dependencies

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Roboform: Firefox addin & OS dependencies

Post by bohica » Tue Feb 01, 2011 1:18 pm

Orca 1.2 b6 ( default browser )
Roboform 7

1. Roboform not identifying nor filling-in uid/passwords or forms
2. Roboform toolbar not populated

* installed firefox 3-4 addin
this did not fix the issue but created another... error mozalloc.dll not found
toolbar still not populated
* Roboform:
a. selecting rb passcard - opens Orca / (if Orca already open) opens new tab but does not fill in fields
b. right-click fields ( in the web page) shows robofom menus ( fill-form etc ) but doesn't action commands
* Roboform & IE :- works as expected
* Roboform; Orca on Win 7 : works as expected
* Roboform 6 & 7 : issue common to both releases
* Have done clean new install of Orca but issue remains

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