User Settable Variable MultiRow Tab Width

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User Settable Variable MultiRow Tab Width

Post by fakenjones » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:27 pm


I would just like to add another voice to advocate for variable size multi-row capable tabs that are subject to user settings, such as max/min width. I tried doing this through about:config with no success. I did search the forums and found that many others also desired the feature, and none were able to find any workaround satisfactory solution (aside from a Firefox plugin sometimes mentioned.)

Also I've heard that the new Firefox 4 has taken away this about:config setting to set minimum/maximum tab width. Though as far as I know that particular feature only applied to scrollable tabs anyway, and not to the multi-row style tabs of Orca.

Overall, I know Orca is obsolete, but I know Avant has a future with massive potential. Also, I know that Avant 2011 is also going for Gecko integration as well. So I just wanted to make sure that this feature does make it into that Avant 2011, even if Firefox chooses not to have it.

It's been requested since at least 2004 and it's been promised since at least 2008. I think 2011 should be the year it finally makes it in. Multi-Row tabs with User Defined sizes, that's all.

Thanks & Enjoy.

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