[INFO] Changing the default search engine in Avant 11.x

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[INFO] Changing the default search engine in Avant 11.x

Post by MysteryFCM » Sun Sep 17, 2006 8:38 am

By default, the search engines in Avant 11.x are set thus;

Web: AvantFind
Images: Yahoo
Groups: Yahoo
Directories: Yahoo
News: Yahoo

Unfortunately, there's no alternatives in the dropdown boxes, to set them to anything else. This for the moment, must be done manually, until such time as Anderson changes this to include alternatives.

To do this;

1. Load up your favourite search engine (e.g. Exalead, Google, MSN, Live)
2. Type in a search term (e.g. mp3)
3. Copy the URL from the address bar
4. Select Tools > Avant Browser Options
5. Select the "Search Engine" option from the left hand menu, followed by the "Standard Search" tab.

Finally, simply paste your search URL into the respective dropdown box.


For Google this would be;



Where the search term is mixed in with the search querystring, for example;


You will need to re-arrange the query, so the query term goes at the end of the string, thus;


If you'd rather save a little time and skip steps 1 > 3, Hornakapopolis has put together a few of the most common search strings at;