Why has Avant Browser gotten SLOW??

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Re: Why has Avant Browser gotten SLOW??

Post by The Living Legend » Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:44 pm

jasarthur - Firstly, no matter how poor an internet connection it's highly unlikely that it'd cause the browser interface to freeze up - pages, sure - downloads, possibly - but the internet connection shouldn't have much effect on the browser itself... Online components aside.

Secondly, the general location of Internet Explorer in Windows is usually "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer" (C being the main hard drive, if yours has a different letter then replace C with it). Copy or type that into your Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) address bar, right-click on IEXPLORE and select "Create Shortcut", then drag that shortcut to your desktop. By rights it should have been done automatically so something must have been altered inside the installation program or your PC's settings are preventing it, but this method should at least give you a shortcut to it.

No idea about the bookmarks thing, I'm back on Avant for just now and using build 39 and haven't noticed anything like that. On that note 39's definitely more reliable than 35 but still has massive room for improvement.
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