Avant Browser blue screens Windows 7 RTM on Sony VAIO

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Avant Browser blue screens Windows 7 RTM on Sony VAIO

Post by JackTinWNY » Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:21 pm

I'm running Avant Browser on the following equipment:
1. HP dc7700 with Windows 7 Ultimate RTM 64-bit and IE8
2. HP nw8000 with Windows 7 Ultimate RTM 32-bit and IE8
3. Sony VAIO VGX-XL3 with Windows 7 Home Premium RTM 32-bit and IE8

It runs fine on the two HP PCs, but I seem to be having problems on the Sony PC. It doesn't always happen, but it happens often that the system will blue screen with a STOP errror while running Avant Browser. It is the only common thing that I've noticed that consistently causes the crash. I haven't been able to get the exact message, but after reboot the system sends the crash data to Microsoft so it must be there somewhere.

I know that the system is a little unstable, being meant for Vista and not Win 7, but all the devices were recognized and everyhthing seems to work. It has crashed once or twice when doing somethign else, but the majority of the times when it blue screens I am running Avant Browser. Doing the same thing in IE 8 does not cause a crash. I don't expect a resolution to a problem this vague, but I thought I'd send in some feedback that I'm having problems, and I would be happy to forward any logs available about what might be going on, if you are interested.


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Re: Avant Browser blue screens Windows 7 RTM on Sony VAIO

Post by abfan123 » Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:19 pm

I've just installed Windows 7, So I guess I'll be able to test your problem.
Do you mean that it always happens when you're doing certain things? If yes, Could you please provide exact steps to reproduce this issue?
blue screen usually appear when there's some hardware issue such as RAM/CPU or any other hardware.
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Re: Avant Browser blue screens Windows 7 RTM on Sony VAIO

Post by statm1 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:03 am

Fyi, drivers can also cause BSODs.. But yes we will need to know exactly what you are doing each time Avant crashes.
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