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stall, psuedo-hang, time factor, not tab quantity

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:17 am
by btfoss
Well, 11.7 bld.41. Only new thing, despite IE8 updates, is that I've noticed that the non-responsiveness to clicking a link occurs over time, not just due having opened 144 tabs, which is max I've tried to do as a test. I've clicked only 20 tabs when it 'stalls', but I've been doing other things and it's like AB has fallen asleep in the interim.

I can still move to different tabs, scroll up/down pages, everything 'works', except no page will be sought &/or dl'd on a clicked link. So I File/'new AB', where AB0 is like an archive and if I need an active page, I'll copy link and paste to new AB1 and go from there.

Eventually I may move to win7 and perhaps new MB, cpu etc.; maybe a new system and OS will change it all. [-o<