Signing off, I think, for good this time

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Signing off, I think, for good this time

Post by hornakapopolis » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:36 am

Due to my schedule, it's been years since I've helped out or visited regularly, but there have been occasional spurts where I've visited pretty regularly. And I'd almost always pop in when a new version was released.

My work requires me to interact with numerous departments and officials in multiple government offices and when I first started doing some of this work online back in 2000, and even later when I started my own company in 2009, each different office's website was usually coded by a different person which meant being able to use two, and then later three, engines was a necessity. I loved Avant prior to this, but it's what has kept me with it for so long.

These days, pretty much everything is being coded to ensure it works with Chrome and over the past few months I've finally realized that the lack of stability in Avant just wasn't worth the headache anymore. I used it at my office and would have to train people on its quirks. Now, Chromium (so that my people can access/sync work stuff at home and still use Chrome on their own) and the extension to run Trident in a tab is working perfectly for us.

I always had a hard time leaving because of Avant's Quick Searches, AutoFill, and most importantly, URL Aliases, but all of this can be replicated now in Chrome... without extensions.

It's been a frustrating couple of years with Avant's development. And in its defense, I don't think it helps when you have no control over the engine. The change in Firefox's extensions hurt my use a lot. It wasn't completely integrated into Avant anyway, but I think that is what really got the idea to move bouncing around in my head. It seems like developmental support is gone and bug support seems to break two more things every third time something gets fixed. Not to sound too sentimental over a piece of software, but it's poked at me-lil'-ol'-heart.

Since making the jump, I haven't checked out the forums at all until today. I knew that I wouldn't be on as much, but figured I'd still drop in every couple of weeks. What sort of surprised me is that, without the regular quirk popping up in Avant, it never entered my mind to visit. I always enjoyed coming here and helping people... hopefully a fact confirmed by my post count. So don't take this as rude call for all to jump, but rather a notice to anyone getting frustrated and losing productivity that there are viable options out there now. I mentioned the features that kept me with Avant. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that can't be done, almost identically, in Chrome. So, I thought I'd hop on here, say "bye," and offer to lend a hand with anyone trying to make the jump themselves. As I said before, I'd considered it from time to time in the past and it just wasn't doable. I don't think that's the case anymore.

A lot of the 'old crew' is already gone, but I still wanted to post something so that another "Where did this person go?" thread didn't pop up in the moderators forums. I hope everyone stays well and this post will, at least, give me an excuse to pop in for another couple of weeks or so. :)

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Re: Signing off, I think, for good this time

Post by darth » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:43 pm

Never ever Denny. Thank you for your sercices. Sorry if I got your handle incorrect.

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