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Post your tips, tricks, and helpful hints for using Avant here.

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About the Tips and Tricks Forum

Post by mbrazil » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:06 am

This forum is open to all, and anyone who uses Avant and has something related to Avant that they think will be useful to other Avant users is encouraged to contribute their tips and tricks to this forum.

Posts in this forum can be about anything related to using Avant that you've experienced, discovered, or mastered and that you think may be helpful to other Avant users. Here are some examples:

* A way you devised to solve or avoid a common problem or improve some aspect of Avant's operation or performance.

* A way to use one of Avant's features in a new or unanticipated way.

* An explanation or description of a feature that you found hard to understand or use at first and then figured out. Posting about what the feature does, how it works, what you're using it to do, and how to use it is likely to be helpful to others who haven't yet mastered its use.

* An explanation of how to find and use a command or feature that is sometimes hard to find or confusing to use when you haven't used it before.

* A procedure for accomplishing a task, such as restoring your profile if it is damaged.

As with most of the other forums, all posts will be open for replies, so that the ideas presented can be discussed and questions can be answered. If you're the author of any post in the Tips and Tricks forum, and you decide some changes are necessary after the post is past the editing period, just PM me with the changes you have in mind, and I'll either implement them for you or delete the .

To get things started, I posted "Improve Video Playback" as the first post in the new forum. This also serves as an example of a way to improve one aspect of Avant's performance.

As you'll see, there is a notice at the top of the forum stating that all posts are subject to review, editing, or even deletion depending on their content. This is not censorship. Posts will only be edited if they are difficult to understand, inaccurate, or contain some inappropriate content. I'll probably do some minor editing here and there to clarify what's being said and to improve readability, but only to improve the post, not change its content. Post deletions will likely be very rare, and this will occur only if the post is SPAM or the entire post is inappropriate.

This forum could become a very useful knowledge base of user-generated information. Combined with the forum software's
search function, it can also be used somewhat like a FAQ, thus providing another source of quick answers to users' questions. The more participation there is, the better and more useful this forum will be, so please contribute!